Logiq Solutions is an IT service provider that specializes in the dental field. The founders of Logiq Solutions have over 20 years combined experience in the dental digital field. We were one of the first to install computers and phosphor plate systems in dental practices all over Quebec. We have seen firsthand the evolution of the digital dental world; from phosphor plate systems to full 3D digital pans, intra oral sensors and cameras. We were also around during the evolution of patient management software; from simple scheduling to full paperless dental clinics.

With all of our knowledge and experience, we decided it was time for a new form of IT support for dental practices. We realize that the doctors and staff do not have time to be calling one company for their patient management software issues, another for their digital equipment issues and a third for their computer hardware issues! We recognize the impact specific issues have on your practice and know which ones to prioritise to get you up and running as fast as possible.

Logiq Solutions is your full digital support partner. We have worked with most dental manufacturers and most patient management companies in today’s market.Your valuable time should be spent with your patients and not dealing with computer related issues. Let us handle your computer and digital equipment issues while you take care of your patients.​